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East Buchanan has a new communication tool named DEWSLY. Be sure to get signed up at www.eastbuch.com

Dewsly is an online and mobile communication platform, accessible through www.eastbuch.com. Dewsly replaced the old AlertNow calling system.  Go to www.eastbuch.com and click on “SIGNUP” in the upper right corner to get started.  Enter your email address, the password you want to use, and the ‘Display Name’ you want to use.  Next, you’ll want to complete your profile and communication preferences. Be sure to pay close attention to these, as they’ll determine how you receive updates from East Buchanan.  NOTE: Be sure to add your phone number if you would like to be notified of school closures via a phone call, otherwise the system will ONLY use your preferred contact method (text, email, direct twitter, etc…), which might not be enough to get your attention in case of an emergency or school closure.  Once your account is set up, take a look around our site and +FOLLOW any of our buildings you have children in, you can easily search for other activities your student is involved in and follow those groups, as well. You’ll then begin receiving updates.   If you have any questions or have trouble getting signed up, go ahead and shoot an email to support@dewlsy.com

There is a new website that has been launched to provide information to Missouri parents about public education and your student. It is called MoParent.com. There is no cost to subscribe and your email address will not be shared with advertisers or any other entity.

The site includes timely information about activities you can do with your child student, explanation of education issues, and tips that will help your student be successful in school.

Check out Moparent.com the next time you are on the internet.

Paperless Board Meetings: Click on the School Board button on the top link bar to find out more.

About Our District

The East Buchanan Schools are classified “Accredited with Distinction in Performance” by the Missouri State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  This is the highest classification rating issued by the state of Missouri. This indicates that the school district has reached certain desired standards in the quality and quantity of its instructional program. Click Here for more information.

Our Philosophy

We, the students, faculty, and parents of the East Buchanan School District, believe each student is unique, all students can learn, and education must provide the opportunity for the maximum intellectual, physical, social, and career development of the students. Together, we will help the students realize their fullest potential as individuals, enhance their self-esteem, and lead them toward becoming productive members of society. We believe students must be challenged and must be active participants in the learning process. We believe everyone's encouragement and support will promote the highest possible student achievement.

Our Mission

The mission of the East Buchanan School District is to promote student success by implementing conditions and strategies to maximize the opportunities for this success. Our expectations are for all students to master exit outcomes established by the district, acquire a positive self-concept and be able to adapt to a changing world.


Contact Information

Elementary School    (816)424-3111    100 Smith Street Gower, MO 64454

Middle School           (816)473-2451    301 County Park Rd N Easton, MO 64443

High School              (816)424-6460    100 Smith Street Gower,  MO 64454

Central Office           (816)424-6466    100 Smith Street Gower, MO 64454

Webmaster: eric@ebs.k12.mo.us


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