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For Specific details concerning your Laptop, select your device from the list below.


ByteSpeed Intel Classmate NL4 Convertable Laptops (EBS Laptop Handbook for Intel Classmates)



bulletWhen you are at school - I have already configured the wireless network so your laptop should find and automatically connect to the "EBS" network. Do NOT ever delete the "EBS" wireless network from the list of managed networks or you will not be able to connect to the internet when you are at school.
bulletAfter turning your computer on it will boot to the Windows Login. You must enter your AD Username and Password. Make sure you memorize your username and password. DO NOT give this information to anyone else!
bulletSaving Files - I am going to recommend that you save your work into your Google Apps account. By saving your work into your Google Drive you will have access to them from home as well (provided you have internet access).
bulletBe sure to back up all of your files, homework and other information to either your H drive or to your Google account. If your laptop needs to have any extensive repair done by the technology department, they may need to image your laptop, meaning that any information saved to the laptop that isn’t in your H drive or in your Google account WILL BE DELETED. **The technology department is not responsible for any loss of data.**
bulletChanges to Google Documents....Read Below:

     Google is preparing to make the switch to Google "Drive" for everyone. For those that haven't already made the transition to "Drive", Google will be moving your account over to the new interface over the next few weeks. Google Drive replaces and enhances what you know today as your Google Documents List. For the most part this is simply a Name Change, but there are a few differences in functionality. There are links below that explain the differences with the New Google "Drive".

     What is Google Drive?
Think of Google Drive as your personal stash of files and folders that follows you wherever you go - it lets you keep everything and share anything. With Google Drive, you can access files, folders, and Google Docs from a web browser.
Your Google Drive is in the cloud, but you can also install the mobile application to access your files from your smartphone, tablet, or other Android or iOS mobile device, in addition to the online interface at drive.google.com. Google Drive's built-in sync capability ensures that your files, folders, and Google Docs are the same on all your devices.
If you'd like to access your Google Drive contents on your Android or iOS device, see Google Drive on a mobile device.

     How is the Google Drive online interface different from my current Google Documents List?
The Google Drive online interface looks similar to the Google Documents List you're used to, with a few key differences:
• Collections are now called Folders.
• When you first switch to Google Drive, a new folder called My Drive contains:
      Documents that you own or have previously uploaded
      Folders you own and the items contained within (regardless of ownership)
• Other items that would have previously appeared in the Home view can easily be found elsewhere. You can choose different views and filters to see recently opened documents, starred items, documents that have been shared with you, items owned by a particular person, files of a particular type, and more.
• You'll have powerful new options to search, sort, or preview your files before opening them.
See the Google Drive user help to learn more about Google Drive versus your Documents List, and how to navigate your Google Drive online interface.
Where can I get more information?
To get started with Google Drive, visit the Google Apps Learning Center.
Eric Wright


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