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You must use Google Chrome or Firefox browser to access the portal.

Internet Explorer does NOT work properly.

Parents & Staff members should select the "PC Environment" when logging in.

At this point, ONLY students should use the "Tablet Environment"

Parent Portal Login and Password information will remain the same, year after year.

NOTE*** Your Location # may change depending on the building your child is in. Please use the correct # from below.

Elementary School = 4             Middle School = 5           High School = 6

If you would like to receive a notification letter(email) for your child and wish to use the Parent Portal to monitor your child's grades, lunch balances, and other information, please email me directly with the following information and I will get it setup for you. Thanks, Eric

SUBJECT: Please send me a notification letter for the Parent Portal.

Your Full Name, Child's Full Name, Grade Level. Email to: eric@ebs.k12.mo.us

Click Here to watch a short video on using the Parent Portal.

Tip 1: Before you can view your student's information on the site you must accept the terms and conditions. To do this, click on the Parent Lumen Access icon found on the upper left side of the Lumenation virtual desktop. This brings up the My Students Summary Info screen. The students already accessible are listed. click on the Link under "User Information Access Agreement" (to the right of your student's name) and accept the agreement. Once you have done this for every student you can view their information by clicking on their name in the list.

Tip 2:If you have multiple students enrolled within the district, I can add your other students to your existing account, so they may be accessed from within one portal.

NOTE: The notification letter(or email) that you used to first login to the parent portal will be the only UserID and Password that you will use from now on, let me know and I can add your other students to your existing account.
*UPDATE: Just email me with all of your information(Your full name, Your account name, existing Student and new Student's full names and grades) and I'll add them to your existing account. eric@ebs.k12.mo.us

Tip 3: Once logged in to the system, click on the "More" button next to the category on the left half of the page that you would like to see more information about. This changes the right half of the page to list detailed information about that category.

With our change of Student Information Systems to Lumen's WeBSIS software. There are a couple of programs for proper function of the Staff, Student, and Parent Portals. FireFox or Google Chrome is recommended for proper viewing of the site and Open Office or Libre Office is used for all of the reports and future homework links. You can download a current version from the following links.

FireFox      Google Chrome         Libre Office (Free Office)

 Whenever downloading files you will be prompted whether you want to 'Save' or 'Run' the file, Choose 'SAVE'. A 'Save As' window will appear. Be sure to know where the file is being saved on your computer's hard drive by looking at the 'Save In' location. It is easiest to just select the 'Desktop' by clicking the Desktop Icon along the left edge of the window. After downloading the file to your desktop, 'Double-Click' on the file to run the installer. The default options are good for most users. Once the program has been installed you can delete this file to free up space. 



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Send mail to eric@ebs.k12.mo.us with questions or comments about this web site.
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