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East Buchanan C-1 Schools uses Blackboard Connect for it's ParentLink Notification System. Click on button below to get signed up for notifications for the current school year.

Notes: Select the 'School District' + any/all buildings that you want to receive news from.

*Save your 'Login ID' and Password for future use updating your email address or phone numbers.

We also have an APP available through your Android/iTunes Store to help keep you up to date with the activities going on at school. Go to the appropriate Store and search for "East Buchanan C-1" to install the App. It will give you quick and convenient access to menus, calendars, and recent news from the district. ***NOTE: The App does NOT replace getting signed up at above, which is the ONLY way you will receive a phone call or text during a school closure or other emergency.


Question: All of my children used to be in the Elementary building but now I have a Middle school student too. How do I add the Middle School building to my account so I can start receiving notifications from them?

Answer: I do not have the ability at this point to "ADD" additional buildings to an existing account so this one is a bit tricky. The four step process is below.

  1. You will need to go to the Sign UP page and create an additional account using a slightly different "Login ID" from your existing account. You can/should use the same email address and password from your original account. You do not need to enter any additional email address or phone numbers at this point. This is just a placeholder account that you will merge with your existing account in step three.

  2. You will need to check your email for the address that you entered above and click on the Verify link that was sent during the account creation above. Once you have Verified your account successfully you need to click on "Sign Out" on the right side of the black bar across the top of the page.

  3. Go to the Sign IN page and Log into the Blackboard system using your existing "Login ID" and Password that you've used in previous years. Once you have successfully signed in you need to click on "Account" in the upper right corner of the page (in the black bar across the top). This opens your "Account - Personal File" in a new window and then you need to click on "Merge Accounts". This will show your Current Accounts and also gives you the option to Merge (other) Accounts. Enter the newly created (and verified) Login ID and Password from the placeholder account created in Step 1 and click on OK, then click on "Merge Accounts". You're all done except for verifying and updating your account details.

  4. This is a great time to click on the "Account Info" tab and update any email address and/or phone numbers that might have changed.


Question: My child has moved to the Middle School from the Elementary school and I want to start getting notifications from the MS instead of the ES. How do I do that?

Answer: At this point in time Parents & Patrons cannot change which Buildings their account is associated with. If you email Eric (ERIC@EBS.K12.MO.US ) with your Login ID, the changes needed, and the email address associated with your account, he can 'Move' your existing account from one building to another.

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