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District Information

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The East Buchanan Schools consist of one elementary school grades K-5, one middle school grades 6-8, and one high school grades 9-12.  The school system makes every effort to provide students with a comprehensive, sequential program of learning in an atmosphere conducive to meaningful, educational activities.

East Buchanan School District is a district encompassing approximately 150 square miles with portions of four counties:  Buchanan, Clinton, DeKalb and Platte.  The Board of Education office, and the elementary and high school are located in the community of Gower.  The East Buchanan Middle School is located in the town of Easton, 10 miles northwest of Gower.  The center of the district lies approximately 13 miles southeast of St. Joseph and 25 miles north of Kansas City on Highway 169.

The East Buchanan District has an enrollment of 702 students and has 89 employees. 

Though East Buchanan School District is known in Northwest Missouri for its competitive athletic programs, the district also demonstrates a strong academic program by having scores above the state and national average on the ACT and SAT.  The district has also been at the top of the KCI Conference in Academic Team competition for several years.  Frequently, students from East Buchanan High School are recipients of the prestigious Cotillion Award.

The East Buchanan School District is noted for its continuing commitment to the education of the whole child by striving for excellence.

Click here to visit Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) web site and view all of the data collected by the state for our district. 

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