East Buchanan High School


Senior students should regularly check their email (twice daily) and pay attention to emails from Mrs. Barker regarding scholarship opportunities. 

There are some scholarships you can find through internet searches.  YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO PAY TO APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP!  If you are being asked to pay an application fee, it’s probably not a legitimate scholarship!  Save your money!



In January/February, the Sarah Beth McCoy scholarship will be emailed to students along with deadline information.

In February, the common local scholarship application will be emailed to seniors.  Those are usually due in late March, but not accepted until March 1st. 

Common local scholarship application participants:

                Brett Baltezor Memorial Scholarship

                Chad Klein Memorial Fund for Education

                Class of 1968 Scholarship

Class of Gower High School of 1953 in Memory of John W. Moyes and Ray I. Rogers Vocational-Technical Scholarship

                CTA Scholarship: Ruth Scearce memorial Scholarship(s)

                Derrick “Boo Boo” Fultz Scholarship

                Donna J. Rouff memorial Scholarship

                East Buchanan Alumni

                East Buchanan Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

                Gower Good Timers Scholarship

                Gower Lions Club: Andy Mathews Scholarship

                Gower Masonic Lodge Scholarship

                Peoples Transportation Scholarship

                Preceptor Delta Epsilon Sorority Scholarship

                Sid Johnson Memorial Scholarship

                Sisters in Service Sorority Scholarship

The majority of funds for college will generally come from colleges and universities, through their own renewable scholarship programs.  Students should pay close attention to those scholarships at schools they are considering.