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East Buchanan High School


Select courses that are related to your career path and that meet EBHS graduation requirements.

The Valedictorian & Salutatorian shall be determined from the Academic Diploma group.

In addition to the program of study for graduation, a student must pass proficiency exams concerning Missouri and the United States Constitutions to qualify for graduation from the district.  Each student must pass one credit of American History.  No student shall graduate without having successfully completed a course of instruction of at least one semester length on the institutions, branches and functions of the government of the state of Missouri, including local governments; the United States government; and the electoral process.

For the Academic Diploma:

  • Math credit must be Algebra B, Algebra I, or higher (excludes Algebra A and Applied Math)

  • Science credit must be Biology B, Biology I or higher (excludes Biology A)

  • Cumulative grad point must be a 3.0 (B) average or higher.

Academic Diploma Advanced Electives

These courses have been designated ADVANCED for the Academic Diploma and will meet the requirements needed for the five (5) advanced electives.This does not necessarily mean that each advanced class is weighted.Advanced classes cannot count as both a required class for graduation AND an advanced class.

  • Accounting I & II

  • Apparel & Textiles

  • Ag Business, Sales, Marketing

  • Ag Construction

  • Ag Animal Science/Food Science

  • Ag Management & Economics

  • Ag Mechanics

  • Ag Science II

  • Ag Structures

  • Applied Biology/Chemistry

  • Applied Communications

  • Art II, III, IV

  • Band II, III, IV

  • Biology II

  • Business Technology

  • Business Law/Management

  • Calculus

  • Career Exploration (STEM class)

  • Chamber Choir II, III, IV

  • Chemistry I

  • Chemistry II

  • Chemistry 211, 211L

  • Child Development

  • Child Development, Advanced

  • College Algebra – Math 110

  • Conservation of Natural Resources

  • Concert Choir II, III, IV

  • Creative Writing

  • Drama I & II

  • English 110

  • English Lit/College Prep

  • Entrepreneurship in FACS

  • Family-Consumer Resource Management

  • Family Living & Parenthood

  • General Foods

  • Geometry

  • Greenhouse OP/Management I, II

  • Hillyards courses

  • Housing & Human Environments

  • Jazz Band II, III, IV

  • Journalism

  • LA III, IV

  • Nutrition & Wellness

  • Physics

  • Pre-Veterinary Science

  • Psychology/Sociology

  • Spanish II, III, IV

  • Speech I, II

  • Trigonometry

  • World Geography

  • Any Dual Credit College Course

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