East Buchanan High School


Classes that meet the requirements for both high school and college credit (dual credit/dual enrollment) have become increasingly popular for junior and senior students.  While some of these classes are taught by East Buchanan teachers (adjunct college professors); many of these classes are taught via ITV or online.  Students and parents need to remember that when a student is enrolled in dual credit courses; almost all of the decisions made regarding the courses are made by college faculty and are not subject to influence by East Buchanan teachers, counselors, administration.  Students must be prepared to handle the workload and to accept the decisions/grades assigned by the college faculty.  Mr. Holloway and Mr. Painter are adjunct professors for UMKC.  All other classes offered are either ITV or online through Central Methodist College, Missouri Western State University or North Central Missouri College.  When a student is enrolled in an online class, they are given time during the high school schedule to complete work associated with the class.  The student is independent and working through the college/university.

Dual credit classes while in high school typically receive a reduced tuition rate.  This tuition is the responsibility of the student and his/her parent/guardian.  East Buchanan High School does not pay for tuition for any students.  Financial obligations incurred by the student are solely the responsibility of the student and his/her parent/guardian.  There are fees associated with these classes outside of tuition – textbooks and access codes (online courses) are the most common.  East Buchanan WILL pay for these costs for the following classes: College Algebra, College Trigonometry, Calculus, Chemistry 211, English 101/102, American History to 1865, and American History from 1865 to present.  All other classes that a student may CHOOSE to take will include the student and his/her parent/guardian paying any textbook or fees associated with the course.

The decision to take dual credit courses should not be taken lightly.  These courses are rigorous and the grades earned will be included on your college and high school transcripts.

Students must meet the following criteria to take dual credit courses:

  • 3.0 overall cumulative high school GPA

  • ACT composite of 21 or higher

  • EOC score of Proficient or Advanced in subject area

  • **NOTE: Certain colleges may require ACT sub-scores in subject areas.




Dual Credit Transcripts

Dual credit transcripts must be issued from the college or university awarding the college level credit.  East Buchanan High School cannot request or provide that information for students or graduates.